About ActiveAcid !


 Activeacid blogs is an outcome of months of frustration and need from those who are always willing to load themself with valuable information and synergies. As Internet is completely flooded with hundreds of thousands of blogs, website, twitt, books etc, its next to impossible to follow each and everything on daily basis. As per one research if one wants to follow all the blogs every day, he will end up investing 225 days for reading one day blogs ( considering 12 hours reading each day). Even lots of valuable post and comments can’t be reached bcoz one get stuck with clearing rest of the sources.

A must need mechanism which not only allows to filters the best of blogs (BOB), but also allows you share, rate and put your comments to that which in turn makes the post much more valuable to readers. Our passionate human engine striving with next generation technology combination to be aware about most of the blogs and filters the same on various pre-set parameters. These parameters are under auto-revision time to time. No matter post talk about what content, if have the potential for us to learn something, then that post should be and would be here.

Now finally there is something which understand the value of time and get rid of all those unwanted, non-updated information which try to kills, promote or drill your time and money….Hey did I say Money……Yes,…….Bcoz you make you to save time and allow you learn about best of info in tiny portion…….which in turn be used  for more & effective productivity and as a result more recognition and performance…..get paid in terms of promotion and rewards.

Need everyone’ support and co-ordination to keep us updated if you come across with any such valuable info. Lets share with the world with true and quality source of information. The world will be beautiful if we all learn something and everything everyday.


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